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Six ways Ting makes for the perfect mobile business plan

Ting is the best mobile plan for businesses, if we do say so ourselves. Many of the things that make Ting the best mobile family plan are the same things have real value for businesses too.

Unlimited devices on one plan

Our unlimited devices on one plan idea is unique in the industry and seems purpose-built for business. Whether it’s a team of two or a team of 200, everyone can get the phone or data stick they need. Each device on a plan costs $6 per month.

No overage penalties

With a bunch of people and devices accessing the same shared pool of minutes, messages and megabytes, the chances of busting out of your plan level are greater. If you use more than you thought you would, Ting doesn’t penalize. We’ll just bump you up to the next service level. If you use less, we’ll bump you down and credit the difference on your next bill.

Individual device control

If we as a mobile service provider have access to a setting like turning voicemail on or off, enabling or disabling international roaming, tethering, data, SMS, MMS and so on, you have the same access. Individual devices under a plan can be individually controlled in the Ting control panel.

Consolidated billing

Rather than juggling a bunch of different mobile business plans for different members of the team you see all charges for all phones in one clean, clear bill. Ting’s electronic bills can be digitally filed away and are saved in your account dashboard whenever you want to see them.

Data only devices and plans

At Ting HQ, we have several data sticks and hotspots that anyone on the team can grab when travelling. Rather than relying on spotty hotel Wi-Fi or worse, the wireless network in a convention center, we’re able to connect from just about anywhere. When it’s business-critical you’re online, there’s no replacement for your own connection.

Great rates

Comparing the mean price per minute, message or megabyte which we’ve done previously here on the Ting blog, Ting comes out a winner. You pay $0.02 per voice minute, $0.0025 per text message and $0.0225 per megabyte of data once you bust out of the XXL service levels.

Run the numbers and see for yourself. Take what you currently pay for your business mobile plans and see how much you’d save with the Ting cost calculator.