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Vue vs Sling: our Sling TV vs PlayStation Vue review

Vue vs Sling - Sling TV vs PlayStation Vue

Vue vs Sling: Choosing the right service for you

The Vue vs Sling battle is heating up the is a fast-changing and ever-growing world of Cord Cutting. Over the past few months, both PlayStation Vue and Sling TV have made huge jumps in the devices they support and content offered.

Now it is easier than ever to watch your preferred TV stations — without the need to get locked into a long-term contract. NFL and College football are viewer favorites and thanks in great part to Sling TV and PlayStation Vue, cord cutters now have no difficulty watching their favorite teams.

Yet, how do you choose the service that is right for you? Let’s dig into them and take a look at what they offer.

One of the most important things to look at is which service supports the devices you own:

Streaming PlayerSling TVPS Vue
Fire TV
Apple TV 
Android TV 

Sling TV supports more devices, but PlayStation Vue is a close second. The main advantage Sling TV has over PlayStation Vue is compatibility with the Apple TV, one of the most popular streaming players on the market.

Other options to consider

Now that you know what services work on which devices, let’s take a look at some other options.


If a traditional DVR option is a must-have for you, take a look at the PlayStation Vue service. They offer the ability to DVR shows right to the cloud and it will keep recordings for 30 days. Another option PlayStation Vue offers is the ability to pause all of their stations.

Sling TV does not have a traditional DVR, but many of their channels do allow pausing and rewinding. What they do offer is a large on-demand catalog of aired shows for most channels, allowing you to go back and watch shows you may have missed.

Access outside of your house

The ability to access the content you pay for is an important part of every service. In the battle of Sling TV vs PlayStation Vue, which do each have to offer for accessing content outside of your house?

PlayStation Vue limits access outside of your home network through the PlayStation Vue app, yet it does give you options to watch content outside of your house.

You can use the PlayStation Vue login on many networks apps such as Fox Sports GO and WatchESPN. These apps give you access to many channels when you are outside of your home network.

Sling TV allows subscribers to log in from anywhere in the United States. Sling also works with WatchESPN and has announced that FOX apps will soon be supported —giving you access to your Sling TV account even when you are out of town.

Vue vs Sling - Sling TV vs PlayStation Vue

Multiple simultaneous streams

The question for many cord cutters is how many people can watch different channels at the same time?

PlayStation Vue will work on five devices at the same time, but they must all be on your home network. You can log into as many devices as you want, but only five can be used at the same time.

Sling TV allows you to stream one or three streams at the same time depending on what package you sign up for. Sling TV Orange will allow you to stream just one device at a time. The Sling TV Blue package will allow three streams at once.

As for the channel lineup, check out their sites to see what’s offered in your local market.

Which service should you pick?

Hopefully, this Vue vs Sling guide has helped you find the right service. If you are still wondering which service is the best for you and your family, our suggestion is to try the free trials Sling TV and PlayStation VUE offer to see which one meets your needs.

Have you already tried one or both of these services? Got a favorite? Tell us about your experience in the comments below.