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Small businesses can do more with fiber Internet


Soundwave Consulting is a digital marketing and advertising company located in the heart of Charlottesville, VA, on the Downtown Mall. Soundwave got its start in 2015 when President and Founder Justin Pietro decided it was time to open his own business.

“Before this, I played and produced music. After college, I was working in a warehouse and doing music on the side.”

Justin had an accident on the job which injured his ankle and required multiple surgeries to get him back on his feet. That meant a lot of downtime and time to spend online.

“I started marketing and advertising for myself and, over the course of time, there were a couple of bands I started to help out with. Eventually, I linked up with Eric Smith and Lem Oppenheimer, two of the founders of Easy Star Records, and things just snowballed from there.”

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Today, Soundwave Consulting is a player in the international music scene, working with artists, labels, festivals, promoters and more to create and execute compelling digital marketing campaigns. The company has grown rapidly, with seven full-time employees working in the Charlottesville office today.

The team has created and executed the digital advertising campaigns for huge stadium shows with 40,000 plus seats for big acts like Bruno Mars. They’re also making a name for themselves locally, working with Charlottesville businesses like Mudhouse Coffee.

Small businesses

How better Internet helps small businesses grow

Soundwave began as a small endeavor out of Justin’s living room in Ruckersville, VA. While they were busy innovating, making connections, and growing the business, there was one thing that kept slowing them down: their Internet connection.

“One of the troubles was I started to hire people without having a fast enough Internet connection. I had to pay a bunch of money to run two different cable lines to the house. There weren’t a ton of options.”

But cable couldn’t keep up and as Soundwave continued to grow, a move was in order. As a dedicated self-starter, Justin had to uproot his dream business and move it to the right location. And he had his sights set on Charlottesville.

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“Definitely, moving to the Mall was a huge upgrade for us. We’re very fortunate to have a really nice office down here.”

Justin and his team had heard about Ting through other business owners and people who had used it. “I knew that when we moved down here we definitely wanted to get it. The price is super cheap compared to what we used to pay for two cable lines and if we wanted a gig from Comcast it was around $900 a month.”

Ting gigabit Internet service, with up to 1000 Mbps upload and download speeds, starts at just $139 a month for small businesses. With affordable pricing, and custom options where it’s needed, Ting Internet for businesses can be flexible to suit a business’ unique needs.

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Ting and the Mall: a hub for innovation

Now in full swing as a budding startup on the Downtown Mall, the Soundwave team are proud users of Ting gigabit Internet.

“[The Internet] is a hundred percent of what we’re doing every day. Being a digital advertising agency, that’s all we do.”

Digital marketing agencies of all shapes and sizes need Internet service that keeps pace and Ting was an influencing factor in where Justin decided to settle Soundwave’s first office. Between digital advertising campaigns and spends, social media marketing and video production, Soundwave needs an Internet connection that offers not only speed, but reliability too. With Ting, Soundwave is able to download large files in seconds and push files to the cloud in seconds, too.

“We’re very video heavy and we’re constantly sending back really huge video files with professionals. We’re talking terabytes of footage at a time. We can’t afford to waste time waiting for things to upload and download.”

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What does success look like?

A big difference between Soundwave and other digital marketing agencies is their commitment to, and passion for, their clients. Soundwave views their business as one of partnership.

“There are plenty of DIY solutions where you can dump some money and not understand the results, but we take the time to help people understand what we’re doing, and we’re able to actually translate that to people.”

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“Soundwave celebrated their fiftieth album release campaign with the release of Slightly Stoopid’s Everyday Life, Everyday People in July 2018. The album debuted at number nine nationwide on Billboard’s Top Album Sales Chart. The band also achieved a number one debut on Billboard’s Reggae Chart. I want to be able to give other people opportunities to live out their dream and do what they want to do rather than have to fit into a box with a more traditional job. It’s very rewarding.”

At Ting, we’re proud to power Soundwave with the fastest Internet available today. We like to think that with access to true gigabit fiber, companies can do more than ever before, and small businesses, entrepreneurial endeavors and startups can compete on the international stage.