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Making money make sense

We know that Ting customers are a smart and savvy bunch.

Whether you run a family budget and monitor every dollar in and out of the household or whether you play things a little more loosely, Ting works especially well for people who want to take control of what they pay for mobile each month.

In short, Ting is the perfect solution for the life hacking and finance hacking sort.

Maybe you don’t identify as a “hacker.” Maybe you instead say thrifty or frugal or budget-conscious or a bargain hunter. Or maybe just plain smart with money.

Or maybe all that money talk is a little overwhelming. You want to wrestle the household finances into submission but perhaps don’t quite know where to start.

Today, we’re launching a Smart Money section here on the Ting blog. We’ll be hosting awesome and helpful money and budget-related content for anyone that wants to take a bit more control over personal and family finances.

Our newest addition to the team is budget blogger Sabah Karim. She’ll be hitting the Ting blog every week with everything money related from simple tips and personal finance hacks to where to start with an investment or personal savings strategy.

Sabah’s first article will appear next week on the Ting blog under the Smart Money tag and offers five simple things you can do right away to build a household budget that’s not doomed to fail.

We’re excited to have Sabah on the team and we hope you’ll find her column valuable. As always, we love to hear your feedback.