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Using smart text selection in Oreo for Android

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Navigation in Android just got smarter

smart text selectionOne of the most practical new features in Android’s Oreo OS is smart text selection. Smart text recognizes when you need to call a phone number, look up an address (and more) and prompts you to jump from text into the most relevant app.

Smart text can make for a truly seamless navigation experience. Gone are the days of clumsily copying and pasting phone numbers and addresses into the right apps. With Google smart text selection navigating the day-to-day is so much easier.

We found it most useful and practical in Gmail. We’ll show you how it works.

Smart text selection for calling

Double tap on a phone number. Google will select the whole number and populate a shortcut to the Phone app.

smart text selection

Smart text selection for locations

If your friend sends you the address of a restaurant just double tap the text. Google will recognize it as an address.

The suggested app for addresses? Google Maps of course.

smart text selection

While smart text doesn’t work in text messages, you can use Google Assistant’s What’s on my screen? feature.

smart text selection

What’s on my screen has the ability to recognize text, and based on what it sees, can make recommendations to social media and the Google Play Store, create calendar events and more.

Smart text selection to the rescue

Google’s machine learning can figure out where relevant information is and how you might want to use it. Feel free to play around with Smart text and see how you like it. Smart text works for physical addresses, email addresses, names and phone numbers.