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These brilliant tools will split your multiple-line Ting bill for you

multiple lines

It’s no secret that people love Ting thanks to our money-saving pay for only what you use model and our second-to-none customer support. When we say we love our customers just as much, that’s not just lip service – we really mean it. That’s because we’ve developed a relationship where we’re all working together to save Ting users money and make the mobile experience better than ever. This is easily one of our favorite examples, specifically for those that have multiple lines on their Ting account. A couple of innovative Ting users have created two tools for quickly and accurately splitting your Ting bill without all the calculation and guesswork!

Who needs Ting bill-splitting tools?

Adding lines to your Ting account is a great way to save. Because usage is pooled across all of your devices, you’ll often find each of you pays less than you would on separate accounts. While many families choose to go this route, savvy groups of friends or extended family members also utilize shared talk, text and data. This gets a little trickier because at the end of the month everyone needs to pay their share to the person whose credit card is on the account. We all know what a pain that calculation can be (we’re looking at you, bars that won’t split bills). If you share lines on a Ting account and math isn’t your jam, these tools are going to be your new best friends.

Split Ting

multiple lines

Split Ting is a web tool made by Sabrina Ferguson that’s perfect for the average user. In fact, it’s literally as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Select the desired ‘Bill – Monthly Usage’ in your Billing History and download the .csv files for each category.
  2. Upload your Minutes, Messages and Megabytes .csv files into their corresponding sections (you can even split devices and taxes/fees).
  3. Click ‘Split The Bill’ and you’re done!

Now that’s mobile that makes sense. Thanks, Sabrina!

ting-bill-split Terminal App

This is one for the techies and tinkerers with multiple lines. ting-bill-split was created by Jim Rice using the Go (aka Golang) programming language and is conveniently hosted on GitHub. Rice explains that after installing Go, the application can be run from Terminal or Microsoft PowerShell. It also utilizes the .csv files from your Ting dashboard in order to create a nifty .pdf file with your now-split Ting bill. If you’re a current or aspiring programmer, this is a great resource that you can modify to fit your specific needs. Thanks for putting the ‘smart’ in smarter mobile, Jim!

Split bills and save with Ting

If you have a friend or family member who could save some money by being added to your Ting bill, these great tools will make the entire process even easier. And don’t forget, every time you bring someone to Ting, you both win. When they sign up using your Ting refer a friend code, they’ll get $25 in credit to try Ting Mobile and you’ll get rewarded $50 in credit for your first referral and $25 in credit for subsequent ones. You can find your unique referral code here.

See what you could save

See what you could save

Ting Mobile’s unique pay for what you use approach saves people a lot of money. See what you’d save.

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