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Our Stash app review and an intro on how to start micro investing

Stash app reviewOur Stash app review on how to start micro investing

If you’re looking to improve your financial literacy, learn more about investing in general and practice in an easy to navigate, educational environment, you’ll want to check out our Stash app review.

While investing can seem daunting, Stash makes it simple. Ting has partnered with Stash so you can get $10 to try the app. Funds will be deposited directly to your new account so you can start investing and build your portfolio.

What is a micro investment?

It’s pretty much what it sounds like: an investment of a small amount of money. Micro investments buy you small segments of shares, just a portion rather than a whole. Micro investing removes barriers to investing like account minimums. It can help you save money with limited assets.

What is Stash?

Stash is an app that makes it easy to manage your money and investments. You can start with as little as $5 and choose investments that matter to you.

Stash offers a curated list of investment options, organizing Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) by well-known themes. ETFs are diversified investment funds, that “track” a particular market. Instead of investing in one thing, an ETF casts a net in a category and invests in it broadly.

For instance, Stash will offer a list of ETFs that are focused on technology, the environment, global industries, consumers and more. In this respect, Stash is a great opportunity to personalize investing according to your values. If you care about green energy and the environment, and you believe in it as an emerging industry, you can invest in it.

Stash can be an important learning tool for financial literacy. You can learn habits that can last a lifetime. Stash offers educational guides that help you learn to invest for the long term.

The best micro investing app: Stash is easy to use

Lots of apps make it easy to get started with micro investing. So what’s the best investment app? We love Stash because it’s easy to navigate and tailor to your investment style.

Whether you’re looking for investment apps for Android or investment apps for iOS, Stash has you covered on both platforms. To start micro investing, download the app in the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Overall, Stash is great for beginners.

Ready for the results of our Stash app review? We found that for seasoned investors and people looking to expand their knowledge, Stash might not be the best option. However, it’s perfect for those just getting into investing, who only want to test out new knowledge with $5 here and $5 there.

Stash invest: get started with $10

Learn a lot and save even more. Get started with Stash today.