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#TEAMTING is a series where we showcase some of our favorite Ting customer stories, whether from an individual, a family, a tech-head or a retiree.

Don lives in Charlottesville, VA and has been a Ting mobile customer for over two and a half years. Back then, Don started looking into alternate carriers and realized he was overpaying each month for his cell phone service.

“I initially chose Ting because it was going to be cheaper. I took a look at my Sprint bill and determined that I’d be paying half as much with Ting….so I switched and it was definitely cut in half! I immediately went from $140 a month down to around $70 for two devices on Ting.”

Since making the switch to Ting, Don and his wife have been using their phones more than ever before.

“I upgraded to a Nexus 5 and got my wife on a smartphone for the first time, so we started using more data. We’re still within the 500 MB bucket though, so we’re comfortable using what we need to use and focusing on Wi-Fi when it’s available.”

He had heard of Ting’s parent company, Tucows from our original software download website back in the early days of the Internet.

“I called support one time and learned more about what you were doing. It was very cool to find out Ting was Tucows. Ting has been very friendly with good service – it really is a human company.”

“And now Ting supporting multiple carriers is great. The fact that I can activate two SIMs and switch to GSM if the CDMA signal is poor is super cool!”

Try Ting with your phone

Try Ting with your phone

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