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#TEAMTING – Don Rideaux-Crenshaw

#TEAMTING is a weekly series where we showcase some of our favorite Ting customer stories, whether from an individual, a family, a tech-head or a retiree.

Don lives in Minnesota and has dropped $40 from his monthly phone bill since coming to Ting.

“The price is wonderful but you’ve really hit the sweet spot for customer service, support and general engagement.”

Don Rideaux

To lower his monthly bill, Don has been more wary with mobile data and has taken some smart steps to reduce the amount of voice minutes and text messages he sends.

“I got a little more cautious about my data usage and took advantage of my Google Voice account to make outgoing calls and manage SMS over WiFi via Hangouts.”

“Ting is better in every way from every carrier I’ve ever used and every alternative I’ve investigated.”