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#TEAMTING – Paige Hoogendoorn

#TEAMTING is a series where we showcase some of our favorite Ting customer stories, whether from an individual, a family, a tech-head or a retiree.

Paige goes to college in Delaware and uses a Samsung Galaxy S3 on Ting.

About a year ago, she discovered Ting and realized that she didn’t have to settle for a expensive monthly bill just to get access to a smartphone.

“Ting is easy, it won’t break your bank, it just makes sense. I think more people should switch to Ting, they just don’t know about it.”

By taking advantage of Wi-Fi and setting simple usage alerts, Paige was able to lower her phone bill by $35 a month!

“I changed my phone settings and I connect to Wi-Fi whenever I can.”

“Also, Ting customer service makes me feel like they’re my friend. I’d call one of them up just to have a chat lol.”

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