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10 funny Wi-Fi names for your network

Check out these funny Wi-Fi names from Ting customers

Whether you just moved and are setting up your new Internet connection or think your Wi-Fi network name just needs an update, we’ve got some of our favorite funny Wi-Fi names, shared by Ting customers like you.

A memorable Wi-Fi name makes it easy to find yours in a busy list. It’s also fun to share with family and friends when they’re over to visit.

From cringe-worthy dad jokes to cheesy word play, thanks to everyone that shared their creative, hilariously funny Wi-Fi names.

A few changes to your mobile habits can go a long way

It’s easy to be a conscious phone user

Shayne and her family have been Ting customers since 2013. They currently save $75 a month on their bill since switching to Ting and making slight changes to their mobile habits.

“Ting allows us the flexibility to use what we need without worrying about a huge bill. We are also able to save money by buying phones out of pocket and selecting the devices we need, rather than owning the newest smartphone.”

Building a one-of-a-kind phone plan for your family

Ting’s phone plans are custom fit for families

Jodi lives with her family in Virginia. They currently save $50 a month on two phones with Ting.

Jodi loves Ting’s flexible, pay for what you use service. On Ting, she can add a third line to her family’s account whenever they need it.

“Our family is starting to grow up. We have four boys who are starting to become more independent. Ting makes sense because we pay for a third phone when we need it, and not when we don’t. Camp this month? Pay the $6 line fee and then shut it back off when we don’t need it anymore.”

phone plan

The Phipps family saves for the future with smarter mobile

Smarter mobile for the Phipps family

Kristin and her husband Daniel live in Pennsylvania with their three kids. They currently save $70 a month on two phones with Ting.

Saving money is important for any family, especially when you’re looking to the future.

“Ting makes sense for us because we are looking to save for our children’s college education. We don’t want to pay more than we have to for good mobile service.”

The Elliott family saves more with Ting


Showcasing some of our favorite Ting customer stories, whether from an individual, a family, a tech-head or a retiree.

John Elliott lives with his wife and son in Ohio. They currently save $110 a month on their two smartphones with Ting.

“The value is incredible but even more than that I appreciate the flexibility of the service. Before Ting, the only real option for truly flexible service was to have unlimited data, voice, and text which either required paying a high cost or sacrificing quality. Ting requires neither. Most months, my wife and I are pretty minimal in our data usage but should the need arise, it’s nice to be able to use our phones as we need and know that the rates we’re paying for that use is fair.”

ting family

The Petrushun family takes Ting on a road trip


Showcasing some of our favorite Ting customer stories, whether from an individual, a family, a tech-head or a retiree.

Erik Petrushun lives in New Jersey with his family. Erik and his wife are both high school teachers and, like most people, they want to save money where they can. That’s why they switched to Ting. Now they save about $60 a month on their phone bill.

“We are a family of four with both kids under the age of eight. Why pay $200 for a family plan if we only have the combined usage of one teenager? Ting makes sense on many glorious levels.”

ting family