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Is Ting any good? Just ask our longest-standing customer

Testify with Ting

Man, our customers are the best. The response to our first Testify with Ting that asked the question: “who’s been with Ting the longest?” was overwhelming. We loved seeing all the long-standing members of the Ting family talking about the great experience they’ve had over the years. However (from the responses we received), the winner was none other than Jack Turner, who’s been a Ting Mobile customer since 2011 when we were still in our beta testing phase (that’s like eight and a half years)! Seeing as Jack has been with Ting longer than most of us, we couldn’t wait to hear about his time here. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Jack!

Is Ting any good? Ask Jack, our longest-standing customer.

What’s kept you here so long?

The Great Flexibility Ting offers. I find I save a lot by not paying for extras during months I don’t use much.

How do we compare to your previous network experience?

I have used just about all of the Big four carriers and all the MVNOs. Ting’s customer service is what keeps me here. On the off occasion I had to use another service temporarily, I was always [sic] glad to come back to Ting.

Have you referred any friends/family? What’s their experience been?

I have brought all of my family over to Ting and with the exception of a few, they all have been with Ting for years now. They have been extremely happy with Ting – the only exceptions were the high data users.

Have you ever had to deal with support? If so, how was your experience?

I have needed to use support mostly for ordering new products. Most of the time I try to utilize automated online portals but I find calling Ting is a pleasure and usually results in quicker, better service then automated help with most companies. I’ll have all my business finished up with Ting before most companies would even answer their hold queue.

Let’s talk about bills. What’s your average bill like? 

I currently have 4 lines with Ting. My bills always average below the $80 mark (below $20 per line). Maybe once a year I will get up to $100-$120 when I travel a lot but that’s what I would be paying every month elsewhere regardless. It’s nice to save that extra money on a monthly basis. 

What’s your cheapest bill ever?

My cheapest bill was back in 2016 $25.89

How do you keep your bill low?

I use VPN and public WIFI. And usually, download a few offline movies just in case.

Do you find the techniques you use to keep your bill low difficult to adhere to and/or inconvenient? Or was it more of an easy adjustment that’s now just par for the course?

Its been an easy adjustment and even more importantly my kids have learned how to plan ahead for data use. They think about what they are doing and how much time they are online. I give them a limited amount of data every month so they have to think about what they are doing and don’t just mindlessly use their cellphones.

What’s would you say has changed since you’ve been with Ting?

I joined Ting way back in Beta. The company has grown a lot; adding more networks without sacrificing customer service. 

What’s something you think everyone should know about Ting?

That Ting has the best Customer Service out there right now in the Cellular industry. Every Customer agent has gone above and beyond. 

Jack, thanks so much for being a loyal customer from the very beginning, and giving some insight for people who may be wondering, “is Ting any good?” Of course, the best way to find out is to try Ting for yourself! You’ll be able to experience paying only for what you use and the peace of mind of three coast-to-coast networks risk-free since we never lock you into a contract or plan. See if your phone can come to Ting!

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See what you could save

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