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Testify with Ting and win!

testify with ting to win

One thing that warms our little hearts more than anything is getting positive feedback from you guys. That’s not to say we’re out here hunting for compliments (though please, feel free to give them if you must). We love getting all kinds of feedback so we can make Ting mobile even better. 

Still, there’s something special about celebrating the good things together. And that’s where the idea for “Testify with Ting” came from. We’ve loved reading about your savings and what your favorite things were about your mobile experience, and then started to wonder – how much are people saving? Who’s having the best experience? Only one way to find out!

In “Testify with Ting,”  we’ll be asking you guys to give us some of your ‘mosts’ on our different social media platforms. You know – what’s the most you’ve ever saved compared to your old post-paid plan? What’s your lowest bill? Fun stuff like that. When we find the person with the number one answer and confirm the deets, we’ll celebrate with you by sending you tokens of our appreciation – anything from bill credits to sweet Ting swag. 

We figured we’d start things off by going way back. We’d like to know which Ting user has been a customer the longest. We’re talking about that marathon, uninterrupted Ting life. Remember, Ting Mobile launched in 2012, so if you joined our family not too long after that, you’re probably on the leaderboard. But even if not, let us know how long you’ve been enjoying smarter mobile. After all, you can’t win if you don’t play, ammarite? Follow and keep an eye on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – even if you’ve missed this one, there’ll be many more chances to win in the future.

Can’t wait to hear from you guys!

The Ting Team