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The average Ting customer has saved $37.57 per device a month

Welcome to the latest edition of:
“How Many Freaking Ways Can I Articulate How Much Money People Save With Ting?!”

A couple of months ago, we created a little form for Ting customers to answer two simple questions:
– What was your bill before you came to Ting?
– How many devices did you have on your account?

So far, only about 4% of our customers have answered. That’s not nearly enough yet to do all the fun stuff we’d like to do with this information. (I’ll elaborate.) But it is more than enough to draw some statistically significant conclusions on the aggregate. And here’s the big one:

The average Ting customer has saved $37.57 per device a month on their bill versus their previous plan.

We have already revealed how little Ting customers pay. I love this data because it goes one step further, addressing any suspicion that maybe our customers never paid much even before they came to Ting. (Maybe they didn’t have friends. Or fingers!) They did. They paid $37.57 more a month per device.

I also love it because it highlights just how easy it is to cover the upfront cost of a device with these savings. It’s $900 over two years. Even if were comparing this to a contract plan that requires $0 down on a phone. Even if you just threw your old phone in the garbage. That can buy you any device on the planet.

Now, for Ting customers, there’s so much more I’d like to do with this data on an individual level.

– We can have leaderboards and contests (like the aforementioned Game of Phones) and give out prizes
– We can offer insights or suggestions if you are not saving much money with Ting
– We can help you sweep monthly savings into interest bearing accounts or charitable donations

But we need for more people to play along. So, if you have not already done so, please take a few seconds to fill in the data. (You need to be logged into your account.)  Thanks. Now get back to your saving.