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The Petrushun family takes Ting on a road trip

ting family


Showcasing some of our favorite Ting customer stories, whether from an individual, a family, a tech-head or a retiree.

Erik Petrushun lives in New Jersey with his family. Erik and his wife are both high school teachers and, like most people, they want to save money where they can. That’s why they switched to Ting. Now they save about $60 a month on their phone bill.

“We are a family of four with both kids under the age of eight. Why pay $200 for a family plan if we only have the combined usage of one teenager? Ting makes sense on many glorious levels.”

Erik and his wife use their phones for texting and light Internet browsing. They don’t have a home landline and use their smartphones for all their personal calls. They love to go on trips with the kids and they love that with Ting they’re covered nationwide on two LTE networks.

“My wife has her phone on a GSM network and I have mine on the CDMA. When we travel, there are times where one network or the other will not have sufficient coverage. Because Ting uses both, we’re always covered.”

Erik is a fan of our blog as well as our tips and tricks for cutting data. He connects to Wi-Fi as much as possible when the family is travelling or on a road trip.

“I’ve started to use the Ting Wi-Fi hacks to make things easier when we go on the road.”

Most of all, they love that when they call us a human answers.

“Ting’s customer service feels more like friendly banter than technical assistance.”