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The Ting used device marketplace
powered by Glyde

At Ting, we’re always looking for great companies to partner up with. Not in the last call at the bar, we’ve gotta go home with somebody sense but in the let’s talk long-term, you complete me sense.

To us, partnerships are not just about how good your site looks or how easy you are to work with. It’s deeper than that: It’s about reputation too. We’re looking for someone we can talk to (thanks to a great API), someone whose spiritual outlook on customer service matches ours. Someone we can grow old with. A soulmate.

With that somewhat disturbing metaphor behind us and assuming we haven’t scared them off (too much? too soon?) we’re very pleased to announce a new partnership with Glyde, the awesome used device marketplace.

With this partnership, we are now able to offer used devices. We’re launching with four smartphones, all Sprint branded and bring your Sprint device to Ting-ready. Those device are: the HTC EVO 4G, HTC EVO 4G Shift, LG Optimus S and the Samsung Galaxy SII (Epic 4G Touch).

This partnership also means that when someone is looking to make the switch to Ting and needs to sell an old device, we’ve got a friend in the industry that we can recommend.

It’s early days for the Ting used device marketplace powered by Glyde. The next priorities are to integrate used devices into the Ting devices page and to add more used devices to the list of what’s available.

We’ll take this opportunity to say that this partnership in no way affects our plans for new or refurbished devices; we’ll continue to work hard to build out both of those catalogs. This partnership is all about offering you choices.

The used device marketplace offers a curated list of used Sprint devices that are available through the Glyde marketplace. Purchases run through the Glyde purchase path, seamlessly integrated into Once you receive your new device, it can be activated through the simple bring your Sprint device to Ting process.

Given the popularity of Ting-ready refurbished devices, we’re pretty sure there’s some latent demand for inexpensive devices for us to meet.

A good partnership is one that benefits both parties, that is founded on mutual respect and that – this is the most important part – benefits the end user. That is to say the customer. That is to say (hopefully) you. We feel that this is one of those partnerships.

How Glyde works

Glyde offers a clean, simple and honest used device marketplace. They make it super easy for you to sell a mobile phone or gadget you’re no longer using. More to the point perhaps, they make it super easy to buy a used device with none of the potential pratfalls of craigslist, eBay and the like. The device you receive comes guaranteed by Glyde. The seller receives his or her money as soon as the purchaser acknowledges that the item has been received and is in same condition as it was described.

Glyde doesn’t actually sell anything. Rather, they broker the sale of a device between the buyer and seller; they are, in effect, the middle man, the one offering the audience for gadgets and gear being sold. They make it super easy to list electronics, games and DVDs you no longer use for sale on the site. They work out all the shipping details such that all a seller has to do is slip his or her device and associated boxes and cables into an envelope and drop it in a mailbox. So it is that they have a huge catalog of stuff for sale at any given time.