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This just in, Alaska is cold.

If your name is Rob, you live in Alaska where you get Internet service from AT&T, how likely are you to refer a friend to Ting?

I mean, I can’t answer that… but I know some people that can.

The Analytics and Insights team looks at data that relates to our business. Not so much data that relates to our customers or prospects as individuals; think more “churn as it relates to primary network usage in hybrid accounts” and less “Bill just looked at the Moto E for five minutes but didn’t hit the buy button.”

A little broad context here: A Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a pretty standard metric that tells companies what people think of them. If you’ve ever gotten an email asking you how likely you’d be to recommend (the service) to a friend on a scale from 0 – 10, that’s a company measuring its NPS. The results are pulled together and calculated to become a score out of 100, the company’s NPS score. Anything over 50 is considered really good.

A little more context: Every other week, typically on a Friday, some of the teams within Tucows present things they’ve been working on, interesting stuff they’ve discovered, insights and so on.

Sometimes, it’s important business. Sometimes it’s esoteric. Last week, after the first category was covered, they delved into the latter.

Here are a few fun facts that our own Graeme Bunton, heading up the Analytics and Insights team, was able to pull out when comparing Ting customer NPS ratings against a range of criteria.

Stock market speculators hungry for every little piece of business intelligence we can offer up, pay attention.

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If you’ve referred a friend to Ting, you’re much more likely to love us than if you haven’t.
(80 vs. 68)

Filed under: What did we ever do to you?

People in Alaska really don’t like us very much. At all. I’m going to go out on a limb and say it could be a coverage issue. People in Wyoming seemingly can’t get enough, and we take heart in that.
(-33 vs. 81)

Filed under: The puns write themselves.

People in Loveland, CO clearly have a lot of love to give. In Bend, OR they could go either way.
(96 vs. 50)

Filed under: A totally reasonable hypothesis.

People with an AT&T (* or Centurylink (* email address are clearly tired of business as usual and appreciate the Ting approach. People with a Netscape (* email address are living in the past and are a little uncomfortable with our disruption.
(80 vs. 60)

Filed under: What’s in a name?

People named Casey, Robin and Janice don’t really like us all that much and that hurts. We take solace in the fact that Ashley and Rob do, though.
(51 vs. 89)

Not sure how useful any of this data really is. If nothing else though, we’ve learned that people named Casey, Robin or Janice living in Alaska, using a Netscape email address probably aren’t ideal prospects for Ting.