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Ting $100,000 ETF Payout
Frequently asked questions

UPDATE: The Ting $100,000 ETF page is now live! The button to “Reserve your spot” will direct you to the signup form starting Feb. 1, 2013 at 12:01 ET (GMT -5:00)

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Ain’t symbiosis grand?

The Ting $100,000 ETF payout has garnered a lot of interest and a lot of questions. We’ve done our best to compile a list of the most frequently asked of those questions.

If you don’t find your question answered in this FAQ, please let us know in the comments and we’ll do our best to get you an answer post haste.


Key points


  • You must port your number to Ting to be eligible for the credit.
  • Ensure you use the same email address when sharing your ETF documents as you used to sign up for Ting service.
  • Do not extend your contract or sign a new one! Any contract that took effect on or after January 16, 2013 (the day we pre-announced this promotion) will not be eligible.

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An outline of the process

  1. On February 1 beginning at 12:01am ET, go to the Ting ETF payout page. Fill out the form to reserve your portion of the ETF payout fund. Please note that until the promotion launches, this page will not resolve and you’ll get a 404 error.
  2. Purchase a new or refurbished Ting device or purchase a used device from the Ting / Glyde used marketplace. You can also bring your own Sprint device to Ting provided it doesn’t currently have active Sprint service.
  3. Activate your device on Ting after midnight ET on Feb. 1 and port your mobile number.
    Log in to your previous provider’s online account tools, grab your final bill (the one that includes your early termination fee) and share it with us as a PDF. OR Scan your final (paper) bill and share it with us as a PDF.
  4. We’ll get back to you within two business days to let you know that your credit has been applied to your Ting account. OR We’ll get back to you within two business days to request more information.

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When does this promotion start?

February 1, 2013 at 12:01am ET. While the Ting $100,000 ETF payout page is now online, the form that needs to be filled out in order to reserve a portion of the ETF fund will not work until 12:01am ET.
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Afraid not, no. While we’d love to be able to consider on a case by case basis, we have to draw the line somewhere otherwise things can get really messy, really fast.
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How long will the Ting $100,000 ETF payout promotion run?

This promotion is first come, first served and runs until the end of February 2013 or until the $100,000 fund runs through. We can’t offer any real insight as to how long this fund will last at this point as the actual duration will depend on the response we receive.
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What is the average ETF? How many people will get paid out?

We’ve found the average ETF people pay to come to Ting is $200 or less. Using that $200 figure, we expect to pay out around 500 early termination fees as Ting credit.
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Am I guaranteed a slice of the $100,000 pie?

We’re listening to you and fine tuning the way we approach this promotion to answer your concerns. Thanks for all your feedback to this point.

On February 1 when the promotion goes live, the submission form will allow you to effectively secure a spot in line so you can be sure that a portion of the Ting $100,000 ETF payout credit fund is earmarked for you. This way, you can port your number away from your current carrier to Ting with the knowledge that you’ll receive Ting credit equivalent to the ETF you’ll pay, up to $350 per line.
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What information will I need to fill out the reservation form?

You’ll need your email address (make sure you use the same email you’ll use / you used to create your Ting account). You’ll need the primary phone number you want to port. You’ll also need to tell us your the number of lines you want to bring over and the approximate combined ETF for all lines you intend to bring.
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How will I know if I’m in?

If you’re able to submit the form that will go live on the ETF payout page on Feb. 1 at 12:01am ET, your funds are earmarked. The only thing left to do is to follow through the rest of the process as outlined.
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Should I cancel service with my current provider?

No. Your service will be automatically cancelled when you port your number to Ting. If you have multiple lines on one account, service will continue with your current provider unless all lines are ported / cancelled. In either case, your ETF will be a line item on your next bill.
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I’m already a Ting customer, can I bring my husband / parents / best friend / second cousin thrice removed and claim the ETF credit?

Yes. Any number currently under contract with another carrier that is ported to Ting is applicable. Doesn’t matter if it’s coming to a new account or an existing account.
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What the max I can claim for an ETF?

You can claim up to $350 per line.
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Can I port multiple numbers and get multiple credits?

Yes. For example, a family of four with four unique numbers ported to Ting and each with their own ETFs of $200 would receive $800 in Ting credit dropped into their shared account.
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Can I apply this ETF credit toward a device purchase instead of Ting service?

No, sorry. The credit is applied against Ting service. You’ll need to buy a new, used or refurbished device or bring an inactive Sprint device.
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Can I sign a new contract or extend my current contract and qualify for this promotion

No. We’ll honor contracts signed before Jan. 16, 2013, the day we announced this promotion.
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Do I have to sign a contract with Ting?

No. Contracts suck.
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Can I port my number under contract with Sprint and at the same time bring my Sprint device to Ting to take advantage of this ETF payout?

No. That’s the short answer.

The longer answer is that you can bring your Sprint number and your Sprint device to Ting but not in one action. Here’s the work-around:
Port your number from Sprint to an existing Ting device
Buy a new / used / refurbished device from Ting, activate it and port your Sprint number. This will make your Sprint device inactive on the Sprint network.
Follow the bring your Sprint device to Ting process to turn your Sprint device into a Ting device.
Move your number from the Ting device used in step one onto your now Ting device.
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Will you credit the ETF for any carrier?

Yes. Doesn’t matter if it’s one of the big guys or one of the little guys. Follow the ETF payout process and we’ll credit you up to $350 per line active on Ting.
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When will I hear back from you?

Well be in touch within two business days. We’ll let you know that your ETF payout has been processed and you’ll find your credit sitting in your Ting account.

If there were any problems, we’ll let you know what they are and we’ll help you out with the next steps.
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Does this credit expire?

No. It’s in your Ting account and won’t go away until you either use it up or close your account.
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What portion of my monthly bill will the credit be applied against.

100% including all taxes and regulatory fees. This will continue until your credit runs out.
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If I close my Ting account, can I get the credit as cash?

What? No! That’s crazy!
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Can I use my Refer a Friend link in conjunction with this credit so my friends get their ETFs paid out and I get a referral credit?

Sure, why not. It’s a bit of an accounting headache but our accounting department has aspirin.

Refer a Friend gives you a $25 Ting service credit for each successful referral. Friends you refer receive a $25 credit of the purchase of a device (or as Ting service credit on select refurbished devices).

You will receive your $25 credit. However, your friend’s credit will be subtracted from the total EFT payout we drop into their account.
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Can I get the ETF payout if I want to use a new number?

Yes, but you still have to port the mobile number that’s active on the account that you’ll be paying the ETF for. Once the port is complete and you’ve submitted your ETF documents, you can change your number either in the Ting dashboard or with a quick call to our help desk at 1-855-846-4389.
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Do I have to pay tax on my ETF?

Afraid so. Your current carrier may charge taxes or other fees on top of your ETF. Your Ting credit will be for the base ETF amount, not including taxes or other levied fees.
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