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Ting Staff Picks: Justen’s top five

staffpicksWelcome to Ting Staff Picks, a weekly blog series where Ting employees share their top five apps and explain why they are the best of the bunch.

You’ll be checking out a wide selection of apps that entertain, improve productivity, enhance usability and much more.

Almost everyone at Ting has some level of a smartphone preference. Whether Android or iPhone, we have loyal fans in the office on each end of the spectrum, which creates for some interesting (and only slightly-hostile) debates.

One man who does not partake in these petty arguments is Ting product guy Justen. He preaches smartphone inclusion. You might even call him obsessed.vlcsnap-2014-08-25-13h23m39s245

From iPhone to Android, Blackberrys, Firefox OS devices and Windows Phones, Justen strolls in with a different device almost every day and is only too happy to spread the smartphone love. So who better to kick off our Ting Staff Picks series than the most smartphone addiction-afflicted one on the team?

Without further ado, here’s Justen with his five essential smartphone apps:


bbmBBM (Android, iOS, BlackBerry 10Windows Phone)

It’s no secret that I’m a BlackBerry guy at heart, but I think my love for BBM comes from an objective place, too. There’s a lot of competition in the messaging space, but the security and reliability of BBM is definitely reassuring.

If you’re rocking an ATIV S Neo or 8XT on Ting, the new BBM for Windows Phone is a great example of a gorgeous native app. Rumour has it we’ll be seeing revamped versions of BBM for iOS and Android that hew closer to the native style of each of those platforms soon, too.


mailboxMailbox (AndroidiOS, sideload for BlackBerry 10)

There are many things I really like about the native email apps on each platform, but Mailbox makes getting to inbox zero surprisingly easy. If you’re using Gmail, Google Apps, or iCloud, you should give it a try!



everythingmeEverythingMe (Android)

EverythingMe is a clever launcher that relies on location, time of day, and your usage patterns to constantly customize your Android home screen.

The same technology is being used for the native launcher in Firefox OS. If you haven’t already, you could also give Aviate (the Android launcher from Yahoo!) a try, as it is doing some related magic.



firefoxFirefox (Android, sideload for BlackBerry 10)

This might come as a surprise for you young whippersnappers, but there were few browser choices once upon a time. In many ways, browser choice is again an endangered species on mobile. But, if you happen to be using Android, you can install their mobile version of Firefox. Glancing at the changelog, you can see it’s an active project with frequent improvements. And I can’t help but feel a tiny bit more empowered every time I tap on that icon…


ss-cartwheelcartwheelCartwheel (iOS, Android)

Cartwheel is a coupon amalgamation app for Target. You pick the items you want to save on and the app gives you a single barcode to scan when you’re checking out at the cash register… Simple as that.

I’m not your typical coupon-clipping kind of guy, but Cartwheel is super addictive. It’s not hard to imagine those sale papers that arrive every Sunday soon being a thing of the past if more apps like Cartwheel take hold.



Note: Head here for more info about sideloading on Blackberry.


Find any of Justen’s suggestions useful? Let us know in the comments!