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Ting Staff Picks: Kyra’s top five

staffpicksWelcome to Ting App Picks, a weekly blog series where Ting employees share their top five apps and explain why they are the best of the bunch.

You’ll be checking out a wide selection of apps that entertain, improve productivity, enhance usability and much more.

Today’s top five comes from one of our Marketing Coordinator’s, Kyra!

As Ting’s resident app specialist, Kyra’s constantly searching for new apps and highlighting the cream of the crop.

She thought it would be useful to write about one essential smartphone app in five different categories: food, travel, work, finance and games!


As a self described foodie I’ve long been on the hunt for the best kitchen tool out there, and I’ve found it in Yummly. The smart suggestions and filtering capabilities set this app apart from its cuisine competitors.

Whether I’m looking for a dinner recipe I can make in under 30 minutes or the perfect salty snack Yummly provides filters to help find exactly what I’m looking for. Even better, for those with allergies or just all around picky eaters you can set dietary preferences based on disliked ingredients, diets and allergies.

Yummly is free and available for iOS | Browser




From flight delays to making a dinner reservation for when you arrive, Tripcase has you covered. It’s everything you could ever ask for in a personal assistant without the risk of a tell-all book.

Using TripCase is as easy as setting up an account and forwarding your confirmation emails to From there TripCase pulls all the important information you’ll need to stay organized during your visit. The simplicity of this app makes it my go-to when traveling and has me wondering how I was able to manage before.

TripCase is free and available for iOS | Android



As some of you know, here at Ting, we are big fans of Asana. They recently released a completely redesigned version of their iOS app that include almost all of the same functionality as the browser version. This elegant new app makes it easy to continue conversations between browser and mobile.

Although Asana plays a major role in helping the Ting team communicate and stay organized it’s also a great tool for personal undertakings. When planning trips or get-togethers for a big group, Asana makes it easy to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Asana is free and available for iOS | Android | Browser




I first stumbled across Key Ring when I was looking for a simple solution to help me ditch my plastic membership cards. I always manage to remember to bring my phone with me where ever I go, my membership or rewards cards, not so much.

A quick scan and Key Ring creates electronic versions of all your loyalty, membership and rewards cards saving you time and space. Since using the app I’m finally reaping the rewards of all those loyalty cards that went unused because they were hidden somewhere in the depths of my wallet.

KeyRing is free and available for iOS | Android


Two Dots

Everyone has to have one. My guilty pleasure when it comes to apps is Two Dots, a simple puzzle game that is easily described as addictive. The goal of the game is to complete levels by connecting different combinations of two or more of the same colored dots. Each level has specified goals, like breaking specific blocks or connecting a certain number of each color. And of course you’ll need to do all of this in a limited number of moves. Each time you’re unable to complete a level you’ll lose a life and in true Candy Crush-esque fashion once you burn through your 5 lives you’ll need to wait for them to be replenished or purchase them.

Two Dots is free and available for iOS.



Find any of Kyra’s suggestions useful? Let us know in the comments!