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Ting Black Friday deals are inbound

Looking for the 2017 Black Friday sale? Check out the Ting shop.

Alternate headline: There has never been a worse time to buy a Ting phone.

No, this isn’t a disgruntled soon-to-be ex-Ting employee looking to take down the organization from within. This Ting employee is actually quite gruntled, thank you very much.

Don’t you hate it, though, when you buy something and then, a few days later, that something is on sale? Us too. We’re trying to help you avoid that particular annoyance.

Black Friday is just around the corner. We’re breaking from the tech tradition a bit and doing Black Friday actually on Black Friday. Vanguard. We know. Starting at about 8am ET, the virtual doors open and the virtual flock of people can pick over our virtual shelves.

Here’s a hint at what we have in store.

Great deals on phones
both smart and otherwise

MotoE2nd22We’ll have a bunch of phones available with deep discounts plus a $15 activation credit.

Spoiler alert: The Moto E that we enjoyed so much will be included. Also, the Nexus 5 and some iPhones, a couple of flip phones and smartphones from entry-level to flagship.

We’ve stocked up in preparation but supplies are limited so buy early or risk missing out. Remember that time our $100,000 ETF fund ran through in like seven minutes?

Bring your own phone credits

At the risk of cannibalizing our activation numbers as well as our device sales, you should wait until Friday to bring your own phone over to Ting, too.

For three days, starting on Black Friday, we’re offering $50 credits to people who bring a phone we’ve never seen before (i.e one that has never been active on Ting, that wasn’t purchased through the Ting shop) to a new account.

Free shipping on everything!

For the duration of this Black Friday promotion, we’ll be offering free standard shipping on everything in the Ting shop. That includes the $5 Ting GSM SIM cards.

Speaking of which…

$5 Ting GSM SIM cards

Ting GSM SIM cards are just $5. They’ll also receive free standard shipping. Right. We covered that already.

To whet your appetite for a Ting GSM SIM card, here’s the totally overblown Ting GSM SIM video that we like to share at every available opportunity.