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Ting control panel rolls out en masse

A couple of months ago, we opened up the new Ting control panel in preview mode to anyone interested in a sneak peek and willing to help us kick the tires. The feedback we received overall has been great (thanks for that!) and has helped to shape a few tweaks and updates to the control panel.

It’s now ready for prime-time: Effective today, the Ting control panel 2.0 takes over where the previous iteration left off for all Ting accounts. In other words, it’s time to say goodbye to the Ting control panel and its multicolored usage charts and hello to the new dashboard with its Pokemon Pokeball-looking usage charts… among other improvements too numerous to mention but not so numerous that we won’t mention a few in the next paragraph. While dashboard 1.0 will be remembered fondly, we’re much happier with this, the new version of the control panel.

The new Ting account control panel was designed to make it easier to manage multiple devices under one account. However, we also added things like more customizable alerts for individual devices under an account and even added the option to suspend a device that’s using more of your shared minutes, messages and megabytes than it should. In the new control panel you can also set global standard device settings. For example, rather than going with the default settings that we provide you can create a ruleset for each new device activated on your account. For example, turn international calling and tethering off and turn picture and video messaging on in the global settings and each new device you activate will automatically have these settings applied. You can still administer services on each device individually and changing your global settings will only affect new activations, not devices currently activated on your account.

While the switch to the new account control panel might feel a little jarring at first, we can assure you that we’ve learned a lot about how people use the Ting account control panel in the past year or so and have implemented all that we’ve learned into this new version. It’s more user-friendly, it gives you more granular control over your usage and your devices, it’s quicker, more logically laid out and overall, it’s a great step forward. We hope you’ll agree.

We’re not done (it’s the Internet… it’s never done!) The control panel is very important to us and it’s vital that it do the things that you need and want it to do. There are more improvements we’re planning for dashboard 2.0 and we’re always looking to implement your feedback, primarily provided via the survey embedded below, into this and subsequent versions of the control panel.