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Ting Customer Q&A – Anne Tennies

Anne Tennies

Ting customer since: Feb 2012
Previous carrier: Verizon
Monthly Savings with Ting: About $24/mo.

What was it about Ting that resonated with you and made you want to switch?:

The pricing structure seemed very reasonable. I was resisting going to a smart phone, partly because of the extra $30/month. With Ting, we figured we’d save money even with the extra smartphone, and didn’t have to pay for 3 billion minutes or 5000 texts when we don’t use that much.

Were you in contact with a mobile carrier before you made the move to Ting? How long was left? What did that translate to in early termination fees?:

My contract had ended, but my husband had a few months yet, so I switched right away and added him the day his contract expired. I think when we checked it would have cost ~$250 in early termination fees, so he stuck it out.

What kind of savings are you seeing with Ting, month over month?:

We had been on my parents’ family plan and paid $65/month for 1 feature phone and 1 smart phone, each with a texting package ($5 per phone). With that plan, we had 550 minutes shared between 4 of us, plus free mobile-to-mobile. Since we’ve both been with Ting, we usually pay $41/month for 2 smart phones, but if we travel or for some reason use more data or minutes, it only adds a few bucks to the bill.

How many phones and/or data services do you have on your Ting plan?:

2 phones

When you explain Ting to your friends, family and/or random passers by, what do you say?:

Ting has the crazy idea that you should only pay for the minutes/data/texts that you actually use. You prepay for the month predicting your usage, and you’ll get a charge or credit on the next bill if you used more or less than you thought you would. Fantastic customer service, and when you call, somebody actually answers the phone. I warn them about the lack of data roaming, since we live in a rural area with spotty coverage, and then I send them a link to the site, encouraging hem to try the calculators, and (since the referral program has been around) offer a code to save some money if they’re interesting switching. I’ve also gone to a couple people’s homes so they could see the signal strength.

Are you happy you made the move to Ting? Care to elaborate?:

Very! Besides saving bunches of money, I’m really happy to have a smartphone. I don’t use much data, but a couple of the apps I use have changed my life. (With LoseIt I lost 20 pounds this summer, and OurGroceries has kept me from losing my mind)

What should we be doing better?:

If you could negotiate data roaming, that would make a huge difference for a lot of people in my community. We’re in a college town of approx. 20K people and Sprint has coverage in town, but 15 minutes in almost any direction and we’re roaming. That’s been a dealbreaker for some people. Otherwise you just need to get the word out better. I think some people get nervous about switching to something they’ve only heard of from one person by word-of-mouth.