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Ting Customer Q&A – Rodney Kleeburg

Rodney Kleeburg

Ting customer since: March 2012
Previous carrier: Sprint
Monthly savings with Ting: $60/mo.

Where did you first hear about Ting?:

TWiT Network

What was it about Ting that resonated with you and made you want to switch?:

You pay for what you use and the openness of the communication between company and customer.

Were you in contact with a mobile carrier before you made the move to Ting? How long was left? What did that translate to in early termination fees?:

yes. 6 months. $70

What kind of savings are you seeing with Ting, month over month?:


How many phones and/or data services do you have on your Ting plan?:


When you explain Ting to your friends, family and/or random passers by, what do you say?:

Amazing customer service. Simple bills. And why pay for all you can eat if you are only going to eat a dinner roll as I told Sprint when they tried to convince me to stay.

Are you happy you made the move to Ting? Care to elaborate?:

100%! I am happy with a service provider for probably the first time.

What should we be doing better?:

Stress the voice and SMS roaming. Many other MVNO’s don’t have that. Get rid of the Sprint branding on phones and Sprint crapware. Also would like to see another data tier at about 250MB.