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Ting Customer Q&A – Tim Reynolds

Tim Reynolds

Ting customer since: July 2012
Previous carrier: Verizon
Monthly savings with Ting: $27/mo.

Where did you first hear about Ting?:

Some online computer magazine article

What was it about Ting that resonated with you and made you want to switch?:

The fact that they are trying to change the wireless market by offering better plans that can be tailored to your usage.

Were you in contact with a mobile carrier before you made the move to Ting?:

No, i try to avoid leaving contracts early or signing them if i can.

What kind of savings are you seeing with Ting, month over month?:


How many phones and/or data services do you have on your Ting plan?:


When you explain Ting to your friends, family and/or random passers by, what do you say?:

I say Ting is the antithesis of all other wireless providers and if they are interested not throwing away money to these other companies they should consider it.

Are you happy you made the move to Ting? Care to elaborate?:

Yes i am so far and i likely will continue to be.

What should we be doing better?:

Larger phone selection.