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Ting customers don’t take no for an answer (and bring their own devices anyway!)

We wanted to share something with you about a certain kind of customer we attract at Ting. Who knows… maybe you’re one of them?

Whenever the Ting Customer Service team resolves a help request for one of our customers, our help desk sends a follow-up to ask our customer asking them if they were satisfied with the answer or solution provided. As I write this post, our satisfaction rating is currently at 98%.

The 2% of the dissatisfied ratings are often from potential customers unhappy with the fact that we don’t currently offer “bring your own device” (BYOD) capability on Ting.

Which brings me to the real reason I wrote this post: We’re amazed at the conversation that’s happening right now in the ‘Hacks‘ section of our Ting help site.

Some of our talented customers took the lack of BYOD support as a personal challenge and with only a few words of encouragement from us (we don’t offer technical support for phone hacking), these technically savvy customers signed up for service with Ting, bought an inexpensive Ting phone and worked with specialized software and each other to hack their existing non-Ting phone to work on our service.

We couldn’t stop ’em if we tried. And that’s fine by us, because in 2012, mobile should be about connecting a device any device, to a dumb pipe, plain and simple.

In a world where the open and neutral ‘Net is under constant attack and big carriers’ work day and night to complicate the world of mobile, we are incredibly excited and proud to host a community of tech-savvy ‘Tingsters,’ willing to help each other find their bearings in the brave new world of mobile phone hacking.

If you don’t believe me, go to the Ting Community Forums and ask a question. Chances are good you’ll get a response from a Ting customer before a Ting staffer (and we think we’re already pretty quick!)

EDIT: We’re offering regular device updates here on the Ting blog. Previously, we didn’t want to talk about our device lineup efforts before they bore fruit for fear of disappointing you. We’ve since realized that wasn’t very Ting of us. Please take these device update posts for what they are: an update on our efforts to get the latest and greatest devices. Not a set in stone device roadmap. With that said, please do take a look if you’d like to know what we’re working on on the device front.