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Ting Download: Companion

Ever walk home by yourself? Bring a friend along for the ride with Companion!

Companion is the safest way to get anywhere alone. Just enter your destination inside the app, add the people you’d like to share your location with and they can virtually follow you all the way home.

Not only can they watch your progress, they’ll be alerted if something weird happens, like if you quickly change directions, start running or have your headphone jack pulled out. If you don’t respond within 15 seconds, your phone will automatically blare an alarm and give an option to alert the authorities with a quick tap.

Your “companions” don’t even need to have the app installed. Any contact you select who hasn’t downloaded Companion will receive a text linking them to a webpage that tracks your journey – exactly like the app.

Stay safe with Companion, it’s free and available on Android and iOS.

Learn more about Companion in our Ting Download below, hope you enjoy! (Keep watching after the credits.)

Companion Safety App




Think you’ll feel safer using Companion? Know of a similar app? Let us know in the comments!