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Ting Dump Your Contract Month ends today

Over the course of 30 days of the Ting Dump Your Contract sweepstakes, we’ve helped 30 people get out of their long term mobile contracts by cutting a check to pay off early termination fees.

Now, on the 31st day of the sweeps, we’ve got one final lucky winner to pick from the proverbial hat. Entries for the May 31 draw are open until 8:59am on June 1. We’ll draw the last winner and with that, we’ll close out the Dump Your Contract Month sweeps.

The intent of DYCM was to get mobile users to think about their mobile contracts. The underlying message is that most users would be better off by buying a device outright and paying for just what they use.

As the entries rolled in and as people shared their mobile contract horror stories, we saw a theme emerge; a feeling of helplessness and as a result, some significant bitterness. I’d say we’re not ones to say “I told you so…” but we already kinda did.

Over the course of Dump Your Contract Month, we received over 6,000 entries from nearly 1,600 people. We doled out prizes of between $100 and $300 at an average of about $230 per winner.

We got the conversation started and while the sweeps are nearly over, we hope that conversation will continue. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: mobile contracts can be tempting but they certainly don’t have the average mobile user’s best interests at heart.

The moral of the story: Get your entries in to the Ting Dump Your Contract Month sweepstakes now… and don’t sign a mobile contract. Check out the Ting Calculator to see how much you’d save with Ting’s simple promise of Mobile That Makes Sense.