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Why Ting is a great fit for families

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Perfect solution for family mobile

When Ting tells you that Ting is a smarter choice for family mobile service, your first thought might be “right. As if Ting would tell me that Ting is a bad choice for family cell phone service.”

First, we understand cynicism. We’re well versed in the art. It’s healthy. Second, nice use of a rhetorical device.

We get it but let us lay out the case. Ting really is the perfect solution for many family’s cell phones. We beat “unlimited” in just about every permutation. How does a family cell phone bill of just $81 for four phones sound?

Ways to save

Ting isn’t unlimited. Simple steps you take to save mean real money in your pocket as opposed to in ours. Here are a few simple things a family can do to cut their Ting bill even further.

  • Use Wi-Fi: If you do nothing else, do this. Connect to Wi-Fi at home, school and work. You don’t pay for mobile data if you don’t use it.
  • Set limits: Don’t let one phone drive up your cost. Set alerts in the online control panel or the Ting app.
  • Add lines: The more phones on your account, the less you pay per phone on average.
  • Voice chat: Use Hangouts, Facetime, WhatsApp or whatever to voice chat instead of phone call.
  • Instant message: Text messages don’t cost much but every bit counts: Use Facebook Messenger, Discord, Hangouts, Facetime, WhatsApp, whatever for text communication.

Here are a few reasons why Ting and our honest, decidedly not unlimited setup is a smarter choice for your family mobile plan.


Many phones sharing one pool

family mobileOn Ting, you can have as many phones active on your account and the more you have, the less you pay per phone on average.

Mom, Dad and the kids can each have their own phones. Even when kids head off to college they can stay on the family plan. Let’s be honest: they would anyway. Each active phone on your account costs just $6.

Bring Grandma and Grandpa in too; their usage probably won’t even tip you over to the next level for minutes, messages or mobile data.

Level up

Speaking of levels for minutes, messages and mobile data, that’s a key part of how Ting works. It’s a bit of an adjustment from the traditional mobile plan. The upside is way more flexibility than a set plan can ever offer.

You don’t pick anything up front. With Ting, the family uses their phones as they normally would and all usage is pooled together. Use less one month, pay less that month.

Minutes, messages and mobile data are pooled and billed separately. So, for example, if Mom and Dad talk for two hours each in a given month and the kids spend an hour a piece on the phone, your family’s bill is for 480 minutes, which is the Medium level for minutes:

$9 – Voice

Data on Ting is $10 per GB beyond the first. If the kids use 1 GB of data a piece (there’s a lot you can do with a gig) and so do Mom and Dad, that’s 4GB total. The family falls into the XL+ level:

$40 – Data

We won’t labor the point with text messages. Let’s just say a collective 2,000 texts were sent and received. That’s the L level:

$8 – Texts

Here’s how that adds up:

(four active phones X $6) + $9 for minutes + $40 for data + $8 for messages = $81 for four phones or $20.50 per phone

If you use more one month, you’ll pay a little more. If you use less, you’ll pay less.

Taxes vary from region to region but you can rest assured that Ting doesn’t charge any recovery, tax collection, access or other cash grab fees.

Powerful account controls

That calculation is just the beginning. With Ting, parents get unprecedented control over phones on the family mobile account, in a web browser or using the Ting app for Android and iOS.

For example, you can set email, app or text alerts for when a phone has used more than a given amount of minutes, messages or megabytes.

You can take it a step further and set a hard cap on the amount any phone, or your account as a whole, can use. No need to worry about exceeding your budget or one phone blowing through a ton of shared mobile data.

Rules can be set up as a one-time thing or can can reset and start again with each billing cycle.

More, the account holder (you know, the one paying for this stuff) can turn service on or off on a device or account level. Disallow international calling<!– (though why bother: international calling is free on Ting all summer)–>, turn tethering on or off, allow or disallow inbound or outbound calling, text messaging, data use and much more.

A few minutes setting up your Ting account control panel translates into real monthly savings and removes the possibility of bill shock.

family mobile

The phones you want

Over 80% of phones will work on Ting. You can have a mix of iPhone, Android, smartphone and feature phone active, all sharing one account. We’ve made it easy to bring phones you already own, buy phones in the Ting shop or find phones from other retailers or online.

Get started with Ting

If you’re not ready to go all-in at this point, we get that too. Try Ting. Maybe with one Guinea pig in the family. Check out the Ting app. Check out your account control panel. Get familiar with Ting rates (and remember, you’re not picking anything in advance.)

Here’s $25 to play around with.