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Describe your home screen in a haiku for a chance to win!

homescreen haiku

When it comes to home screens, no two are alike. This month at Ting, show us the home screen of your phone and tell us a bit about what makes it yours. You’ll have a chance to win Ting credit and even a Moto G5 Plus. Oh, and to make things interesting, we want you to describe your home screen in a Haiku.

Maybe you love stories and your home screen is set up for listening to podcasts and reading e-books. Maybe you’re hyper-organized and you have your apps color-coded and alphabetized. Maybe you’re obsessed with social media and documenting your daily lunchtime panini. Maybe you’re a news junkie and you’ve got Google Alerts on every hot story, a finger on the world’s pulse.

Whatever it is, we want to get to know you.

Grand prize winner of a Moto G5 Plus

We admire a pioneering sprit around here and that’s why Thomas B is the winner of our Home Screen Haiku contest. Congrats, Thomas! You’ll be taking screenshots on your new Moto G5 Plus in no time. home screen

Winner of Week Four

Jess B’s haiku was so funny we forgot to count the syllables! home screen haiku

We picked a second winner for week four. Congrats to Eric W!

Winner of Week Three

Congratulations go out to minimilist-ish Valerie W for her winning submission! Valerie W's minimalist-ish home screen haiku

Winner of Week Two

Congrats to Wonder Woman Cassie B for her heroic home screen haiku! Wonder Woman home screen haiku

Winner of Week One

Congratulations to our first winner, Mark S, with his Star Trek-themed haiku! Home screen haiku contest

As another example, here’s Christine’s: Ting home screen haiku contest

How to enter

Your photo

Take a screenshot of your home screen and upload it to the form below.

Not sure how to capture a screenshot on your phone? Just Google your phone model and “How to screenshot.”

Your haiku

Describe your home screen in a Haiku and share it alongside your screenshot.

What are your favorite apps? Got any games? Do you have some emails you’ve been neglecting? Just 10,413 or so? Tell us a story or make us laugh. Your Haiku can be about your pizza delivery app and how often you order a late night medium pepperoni. No judgment.

Feel free to share yours on social media, tag Ting and use the hashtag #HomeScreenHaiku. 


We’re giving out four weekly prizes of $100 in Ting credit to our favorite weekly submission. Ting credit can be used toward a phone in the Ting Shop or applied to your monthly bill.

The Grand Prize winner for best Home Screen Haiku will receive a Moto G5 Plus at the end of the contest (May 31, 2017).

Just upload your home screenshot and Haiku to the form below for a chance to win one of these prizes:

  • Grand Prize: A Moto G5 Plus
  • Four Weekly Prizes: $100 in Ting credit

  • Submit as many times as you like. And keep your eyes peeled for more Home Screen Haiku from our very own Ting team.

    Ting’s Home Screen Haiku contest is only open to residents of the United States. Grand prize winner will be contacted on May 31, 2017.

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