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Ting Included in GigaOM’s Mobile 15

This is profoundly reaffirming for us.

GigaOM has included Ting (among heroes like Apple, Samsung and Foursquare) in The Mobile 15 as one of 15 companies “…that are changing or could potentially change the mobile landscape in the most profound ways.”

When we were building Ting, we absolutely believed we were innovating, despite the fact that we were not developing a network, devices or even mobile apps. We believed we were innovating despite the fact the our innovations (e.g. eliminating contracts, charging based on usage, separating voice, data and text, allowing unlimited devices to pool usage, picking up the telephone when customers call) seemed more obvious than earth shattering. We were simply stripping away all the contrived, complicated, unfriendly stuff in the industry that didn’t actually make sense. We were rocking it old school, except, for some reason, the industry never even rocked it this way in the beginning.

But when we launched and started talking to reporters and going to the sexy tech shows, we were feeling a bit out-whizzed and out-banged. (“So, you’re just offering access to an existing network?” “So, basically, you’re just cheaper?” “How much venture capital have you raised?!” “Your CEO is how old?!”)

It was our early customers that first really got it. They saw how much opportunity there was to offer greater value and greater service within the existing universe of networks and devices. They saw how our example was actually inspiring and pressuring larger providers to start changing their ways (e.g. announcing shared data plans, experimenting with BYOD). They started to tell their friends, who started to tell their friends.

So it is fitting and gratifying that GigaOM, a publication we admire for celebrating applied innovation (innovation that people actually use and appreciate) has recognized us as an example of just that. We would like to thank our customers for their collaboration and support and GigaOM for keeping an ear on what customers think.

To be clear, we are not seeking patents on fair pricing or great service. Just remember we did them first!