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Meet Ting Internet Customer, Ross McDermott


We’d like to take a moment to introduce you to one of our Ting Internet Customers in Charlottesville, VA.

Meet Ross McDermott, founder of Surface Below Media, a video production company specializing in documentaries, music videos, art films and commercials (click those links to view samples of the kind of work they do). His team operates from a studio space shared by a collective of artists and artisans. The studio gets Ting’s crazy fast fiber Internet, so Surface Below Media and others in the coworking space all get access. Naturally, we wanted to hear how the fastest Internet access around is working out for them.

Before they moved to the studio space downtown, Ross tells us they were paying for the fastest Internet Comcast could provide to their office. But it just wasn’t fast enough to keep up with huge file transfers during video production. They were also pretty disappointed in the quality of customer service they’d been receiving from local Internet companies. So they switched to Ting last August, and everything changed.

The Long March to Fiber Will Take Many Roads…

fiberSusan Crawford wrote a much-talked about piece last week entitled “You Didn’t Notice It, But Google Fiber Just Began the Golden Age of High Speed Internet Access.” She’s right about the problem, but the Golden Age is going to be far more complex and harder to achieve than the article lets on: we are a long way from a truly competitive market for broadband. In fact, to get there, competition is not the most important element. For now the most important thing is to get places fibered up. How that should happen depends on local variables. But the path Google has taken in Huntsville: leaving the ownership of the broadband system in the hands of the town and renting dark fiber, rather than ceding it to the company providing the service, will happen only in the minority of places. And I say this as the CEO of a company that is laying fiber in cities and towns despite telling mayors they should own it themselves.

Ask an Exec: Will running for public office help bring Ting Internet to my city?

Matt V on Twitter wonders whether running for public office would increase the chances of bringing Ting Internet to his city.

Michael Goldstein, VP of Marketing at Ting, explains how you can help influence your local government into bringing crazy fast fiber Internet to your town.

We’re also assessing demand through the Ting Internet watch list – if you have yet to add your town or city to the mix, head here and fill out the form!

Three cheers for Champion Brewing Company


Even before he got into home-brewing as a hobby, Hunter Smith thought it would be great to own and operate a brewery one day. Like many craft brewers, he says, he began with home-brewing and worked his way into the business, driven by “punk rock values” and sincere passion.

And business is good when the business is good beer.

As one of Virginia’s fastest-growing breweries, Champion Brewing Company has to brew a lot of beer to keep up with demand. In fact, they brew over 10,000 barrels a year, and delivering the best and freshest product is something Champion Brewing takes seriously. That’s where Ting’s crazy fast Internet comes in.
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Ting Unboxing: Ting Internet Box

The Ting Internet Box may not be much to look at but it’s got it where it counts. Consider that it’s going to spend its life tucked away in a closet, under a desk or in the basement; it doesn’t have to look amazing. It just has to do its job: Take the crazy fast fiber Internet from the Ting city network and bring it into your home / business / clubhouse / treehouse / garden shed / whatever.

Connect a modern computer with an ethernet cable and get up near the top end of your crazy fast fiber’s symmetrical gigabit (1,000 Mbps) speeds. It also bathes your home in sweet, sweet Wi-Fi so you can get all your various phones, laptops, tablets, Internet of Things things, home security cameras, home automation gear, thermostats, set top boxes, game consoles and Internet-ready devices of every stripe online.

Watch in horror as we pull this innocent purveyor of crazy fast fiber Internet from the box in which it is so comfortably nestled, throw it into the bright lights of our studio and poke, prod and push at it until it gives up all its secrets.

Ask an Exec: Will Ting Internet have a pre-order system?

Don R. asks if we’ll consider “neighborhood leaders” or some sort of pre-order system so areas with high demand for Ting Internet can get pushed up the priority list.

Adam Eisner responds with some insight into our current rollout in Charlottesville, our plans for 2016 and the best way to help us consider bringing Ting Internet to your community.