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Ting Internet. Next stop: Centennial, Colorado

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Centennial, Colorado has the greatest the great outdoors has to offer right at its doorstep. It boasts beautiful views of the Front Range and with those mountains, amazing skiing and snowboarding nearby. That said, this is no quiet mountain town.

Centennial is all about business. The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well. The City itself is quick and efficient.

We, as humans, are excited about the possibilities presented by the beauty that’s all around Centennial. We, as a business that mirrors the same values of agility and efficiency, are excited about the mutual opportunity that’s here.

Like Charlottesville, VA, Holly Springs, NC, and Westminster, MD, Centennial, Colorado is the epitome of what we look for in a Ting crazy fast fiber Internet town, which is why we’re planning to bring crazy fast fiber Internet to Centennial, CO.

Home to 107,201 people (according to the 2014 Census), Centennial will be the largest Ting town by population to date.

The Ting Internet: Centennial, CO page went live this morning to begin demand assessment for the city. Construction will begin as soon as early 2017.

Pre-orders are the key indicator we use when assessing demand for Ting symmetrical gigabit fiber Internet. Residents and local businesses can plunk down $9 to pre-order gigabit fiber Internet. Placing a pre-order doesn’t just cast a vote for Ting Internet in a specific neighborhood and in Centennial at large, it also secures the best installation discount we offer: Up to $250 off the start-up cost for Ting gigabit fiber Internet to the premises. The $9 pre-order is also applied to the initial start-up cost.

House keeping

Ting Internet installation costs vary by location but are not more than $200 for a home or $400 for a business. In cases where the pre-order discount is greater than the initial installation cost, the balance is carried over as an account credit toward the monthly Ting Internet bill or toward the cost of the Ting Internet Box, if purchased.

The Ting Internet Box, which doubles as a high-speed wireless router, costs $199 to buy or $9/month to rent. Ting symmetrical gigabit Internet costs $89/month for homes or $139/month for businesses. There is also a low cost, non-core offering for $19/month for 5/5 Mbps service.