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Ting Mobile, it’s a DISH thing

Banner image reads, DISH plus Ting

We’ve just signed an agreement to help grow DISH’s consumer mobile business with a user-friendly brand you know well. That brand is Ting Mobile.

With this blog post, an agreement we’ve been hashing out for months has been signed and sealed. It will have us pivot from trying to change the mobile market as a retail MVNO to helping DISH disrupt the retail wireless market and become a major competitor in the US mobile industry.

As part of the deal, DISH will acquire many key Ting Mobile assets and use the Ting Mobile brand.

We’ve said before that we believe the only deals worth pursuing are the ones where all parties win. We believe this is such an arrangement. 

Ting Mobile customers

This is good news for Ting Mobile customers. Whether you signed up eight years ago or eight minutes ago, nothing changes with your phone, your account, your bill or your relationship with Ting Mobile. All your customer information stays in the same place. You’re served by the same people and the same systems. Nothing changes today. 

Things staying the same is good, but we’d rather make Ting Mobile even better. With this agreement, we will have the opportunity to do just that. Watch this space.

DISH has big plans in mobile as they launch the first virtualized, standalone 5G network in the US. As more people discover Ting Mobile, you can say you were here first.


DISH enters the mobile market with a well-established, well-loved brand in Ting Mobile, a wonderful customer base in you and a proven platform on which to build its mobile service. 

It also gets a strong, smart partner (if we do say so ourselves) to support its mobile business moving forward.

As for DISH’s big plans in mobile, much has been written on that topic. We’re happy to be a part of these plans.

Our business

We built a solid technical foundation for Ting Mobile that makes everything from integrating with mobile networks, checking and activating phones and provisioning service look simple. In addition to its other useful tricks, this platform also puts the right information about a customer account at our customer support team’s fingertips, right when it’s needed. This has allowed us to change what people expect of their phone company and their phone company’s customer service.

The platform is staying right where it is, and we get to continue our work to make it an even better foundation on which to build. Under DISH, Ting Mobile will continue to benefit from that platform. Later, other MVNOs will have the benefit of this platform too.

The future

We think that the competition other players bring to the industry is needed now more than ever. Anything that furthers MVNO is a good thing as far as we’re concerned. MVNOs like Ting Mobile, but not just Ting Mobile.

Ting Mobile has always offered the best customer experience, the best customer support and the best pricing it could. Now, with DISH using us to help power their retail wireless business, acquiring key Ting Mobile assets and keeping it on the solid technical foundation we’ve built, the best gets even better.