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Ting Mobile offers service on every network but AT&T

Ting mobile on every network but AT&T

Today, there are four major US mobile networks.

Ting Mobile offers service on all but one of them.

Why not just say directly who our network service providers are? We’re not allowed. Pretty simple, really. We have contracts with each of our carrier partners (Ting Mobile: signing contracts so you don’t have to). Detailed in those contracts is how, exactly, we’re allowed to refer to the specific networks we offer service on.

The short version: just don’t.

It makes sense. These MNOs, mobile network operators, the folks that own networks, differentiate themselves as brands. Coverage is a big part of that conversation. Network names and their associated consumer brands are used interchangeably. To invoke the network is to invoke the brand name.

So what does that mean? 

One of our goals with Ting Mobile is to “make coverage a given.” When you make coverage a given, you no longer need to talk about which specific networks you offer service on. 

Offering service on three of the four national networks, including the nation’s largest, most reliable 4G LTE network, should set minds at ease that with Ting Mobile, coverage is a given.

Aside from anything else, selecting a network introduces unnecessary friction; most people really just want a phone that works whenever and wherever. Ting Mobile customers join Ting Mobile (thanks). If they wanted a direct relationship with a specific national carrier brand, they could just as easily join them instead.

Cool. Which network will I be on though?

All the above being said, this is a fair question today and it deserves an answer.

Our systems will determine which network is best based on a host of factors; which network offers the best coverage where you are, which network your phone is compatible with and which network you are currently active on among them.

What about existing customers?

If a Ting Mobile customer is having anything other than the best experience, we want to hear about it and we want to help. If coverage is the problem, that help could well mean moving that customer over to another network—say, the latest addition to Ting Mobile’s network options—where they’ll have a better experience.

If you have any questions at all or if you want to discuss one-on-one where we can speak more freely, we’re always available via chat, email or on the phone.