Will Ting ever offer home Internet service?

By Paul Stachniak


Whether a member of the Ting team or the mayor of a Ting town, we put your questions in front of smart people.

Will Ting ever offer home Internet service?

Look, we get it. Ting does a lot of cool and crazy things. Have you heard about our line of non-stick cookware? No? That’s because it hasn’t been announced… yet*. (゜‿ ^)

So it’s no surprise that Sheryl Edwards might have missed our announcement of Ting-branded home Internet service coming to a town near you. One would assume Sheryl enjoys our mobile service and would like to bring that experience into her home.

Well, good news for you Sheryl, Ting Internet is available in three towns and counting. Of course, building a fiber network isn’t an easy task. It takes coordination with a municipality, along with a lot of man power to physically dig that fiber into the ground. So if Ting isn’t in your town yet, you can always head over to ting.com/internet and sign up for more information.

And while you wait, why not enjoy a Crazy-Fast-Fiber Bar from our newly launched, Ting-branded, snack food line*.

* Ting Legal™ has informed me that I must state that both the snack food and non-stick cookware lines are not now, or ever will be real products that Ting (a division of Tucows, Inc®) will sell. These were “jokes.” I was told very specifically to put jokes in quotations as their inherent “humor” is up for debate.

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