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Early termination fees suck: Ting pays out ETFs up to $75 per line

Early termination fees? Let Ting help

In the Rhetoric 101 class of copywriting college, they teach that one way to engage your audience is to start out with a statement that everyone can agree with. Or so I assume. I didn’t actually go.

Early termination fees suck.

Early termination fees

We’ve been working on a way to soften the blow, and our efforts are now live and ready for primetime on the Ting EFT Relief page.

If you remember our $100,000 ETF Buyout campaign back in February of this year, you’ll recall that the entire $100,000 ETF fund lasted all of seven minutes from the time we put the promotion live.

We took that to mean that there was some latent demand. We started to think about what we might do next.

Rather than undertake another one-time ETF buyout campaign, we decided instead to offer some ETF relief to everyone that pays an early termination fee with a contract to move to Ting.

Effective today, we’ll pay 25% of the early termination fees paid to make the move to Ting, up to $75.

That’s up to $75 per line, to be clear. If you’re breaking out of your family plan contract to come to Ting, you can receive up to $75 per line that has an early termination fee associated with it.

Not to suggest you should do anything other than jump on this right away, but this isn’t a limited-time promotion. Rather, ETF Relief is just something we do now.

How Ting ETF Relief works

The process is clearly outlined on the Ting ETF Relief page but in short, here’s how it works:

  1. Activate a device with Ting: It can be a new device, a device purchased from the used devices page or a device that’s eligible to be brought to Ting.
  2. Port your number to Ting: Porting your number automatically cancels your account with the previous provider. You’ll receive your final bill, including your early termination fee.
  3. Send us your ETF documents: We’ll do a quick check to make sure everything lines up and we’ll drop 25% of your early termination fee up to $75 for each cancelled line with an ETF associated.

If you’re stuck in a mobile contract and you’ve been thinking about making the move to Ting and mobile that makes sense, there really is no time like the present.

Get all the details and, if you’re under contract, score a little Ting ETF Relief!

What is Ting Mobile anyway?

What is Ting Mobile anyway?

Learn about Ting, how it works and what you’d save. Sounds good? Get $25 to try it for yourself risk-free!

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