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Ting phone price drop

Good news!

A number of smartphones in the Ting shop have been permanently reduced in price.

What’s more?

They’re some of the most popular Android and iOS phones for sale in the Ting shop. If you’ve been thinking about an upgrade or know someone who could use one, now is a great time to take a look. So is tomorrow though, or next week. The price drop is permanent, you see?

List of phones:

  • iPhone 4s refurbished [CDMA] (Black, White)  $166 now $138
  • iPhone 5 refurbished [CDMA] (BlackWhite)  $248 now $237
  • iPhone 5s refurbished [CDMA and GSM] (Gold, Silver, Space Gray)  $353 now $338
  • Galaxy S5 refurbished [CDMA] (Out of stock)  $338 now $298
  • Galaxy S6 [CDMA] (Black, White) – $633 now $597

  • iPhone 5 refurbished               $237 [CDMA]

    iPhone 5s refurbished             $338 [GSM and CDMA]

    Galaxy S5 refurbished             $298 [CDMA] (Out of stock)

    Galaxy S6                            $597 [CDMA]

    iPhone 4s refurbished           $138 [CDMA]