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Ting promo codes

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We all love getting a good deal. Grocery bills, cell phone bills, cable bills, you name it.

The great thing about Ting is that our business model allows almost everyone to save. And save they do!

We love that people are searching for an even better deal when joining Ting. We like having savvy, price-conscious customers that do their research before making the leap.

We’ve noticed a fair few people searching for Ting promo codes online. Perhaps you heard about Ting and are looking for a promo code to use. Maybe you saw a Ting promo code somewhere offering a $25 or $50 discount off Ting service but just can’t remember what it was. Whatever the reason, you were looking for a Ting discount code, you arrived here… and we’d hate to disappoint!

ting promo codes

We love when new customers sign up with a Ting promo code from our Refer a Friend program or to show support for a podcast that we sponsor. By the same token though, some customers who are sold on Ting may then go searching for the first coupon they see pop up on a Google search, whether it be from an affiliate or a Refer a Friend code. We then pay a commission or credit to that affiliate, who didn’t necessarily do anything to introduce or convert you to Ting.

That’s why we ask that, unless you’re coming to Ting via a friend referral or via a podcast we sponsor, you use the official Ting promo code to get $25 in service credit. works just like any other Ting coupon code or discount code you might find online. The only difference is, it ensures we’re able to keep rewarding the people that contribute to the conversation and to our success as opposed to giving that money to people who don’t.

If you already have a Ting promo code from a podcaster or a Ting Refer a Friend code from a friend or colleague, go ahead and use it. You’ll get your $25 toward Ting service and the person that gave you that Ting discount gets rewarded. We want to continue to keep rewarding the source that gave you that Ting discount code in the first place! If you’re just Googling for a valid Ting promo code to use before you make the move though, please use the official Ting coupon code:

Thanks for your help and welcome to Ting!

What is Ting Mobile anyway?

What is Ting Mobile anyway?

Learn about Ting, how it works and what you’d save. Sounds good? Get $25 to try it for yourself risk-free!

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