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Ting shipping window for the holiday season

Hopefully you’ve already finished all your Christmas shopping. If you’re reading this, though, perhaps not. If it’s any consolation, me neither.

Ting SIM card shipping

The short version: If you’re buying a Ting SIM card and you want to have it on hand come Christmas morning, you’ll want to order soon to have the odds on your side. SIM cards are shipped via USPS and, as you can imagine, this is their busiest time of the year. SIM cards shipped out via USPS on December 21 should make it on Christmas eve, but it’s better to not leave these things to chance. To be sure your SIM card arrive in time, order ASAP. Like, right now but definitely before the end of the day today (December 18).

Ting phones shipping

For phones, shipping is via FedEx using standard, unless you choose to upgrade. FedEx offers more concrete shipping timeframes. If you’re buying a gift that you need to have it in time for Christmas morning and you want to use the cheaper standard shipping method, order as soon as possible but definitely before 2pm on December 21 (Monday) to receive your phone in time to wrap it and stick it in an oversized novelty sock or whatever your custom…

Please note that deliveries will not happen on Christmas day, so the afternoon of December 22 is the effective cut-off date for two-day shipping in time for Christmas.

Long story short, if you’re ordering, order sooner rather than later.