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Adafruit promo code for Ting people


If you’re a geek or if you have geeky underpinnings, you’ve probably heard of Adafruit.

If you aren’t and therefore haven’t, think of them as the RadioShack of the new millennium, but cast your memory back to when RadioShack was the go-to place for electronics hobbyists and tinkerers as opposed to just a reminder of those halcyon days.

Not for the faint of heart, the Adafruit online store stocks everything your computer or robotics hobbyist didn’t even know they needed. Now, that list of components, boards and other techie bits includes Ting GSM SIM cards in the mix.

We at Ting are fans of tinkering, which is why we’re excited about this little deal.

Product 2505 in the Adafruit shop is none other than the Ting GSM SIM X1 card. The Ting pay for what you need approach is a perfect match for any Adafruit project that needs to be connected. Like the Rasberry Pi PiPhone, for example. Adafruit customers will also be offered the option to add a Ting GSM SIM card on to projects and boards in the Adafruit that have a GSM SIM card slot.

Custom computers and robotics are awesome, but everything becomes more awesome when it’s connected to the Internet and / or has the ability send and receive voice calls and text messages. The Ting GSM SIM will let the geeks get their Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Intel Edison and the various other kits, bits, boards and projects, on the cell network.

If you’re wondering what those things are, that’s OK. This maybe isn’t the blog post for you. If, however, you’re nodding approval and you can already smell the freshly etched circuit boards, here are are a few FONA projects to whet your appetite.

Use the promo code TING at checkout to get 10% off anything in the store, with the exception of gift certificates and software.

So, there really is no time like the present if you’ve been thinking about A charlieplexed LED matrix kit for Arduino (who hasn’t?) or a thing that you’ll solder together and that, once completed, will let you turn off just about any TV (devious!), or a super cute Rasbperry Pi-powered mini arcade cabinet kit (want!) or, well, let’s just say you’ve got options.

Take a look!

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Try Ting with your phone

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