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Ting sticker pack: Phonemoji by Ting for iMessage

phonemoji by TingYou may have heard our announcement yesterday that starting this Friday, May 12, we’ll be officially offering iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in the Ting shop.

Now, we grant you that boardroom-brokered deals aren’t, by their nature, terribly interesting. However, we’ve got a cute, celebratory little thing that we were inspired to do because of this launch.

We’re proud to present Ting’s own iMessage stickers. Phonemoji by Ting is a free sticker pack for iMessage. Replete with SIM cards doing cute stuff and smartphones smiling just so, we tried to cover off the basics and we hope you like it.

Perhaps our favorite part of the Ting sticker pack: There’s a Ting sticker of the Ting sticker.

We’re already at work on the next update to the Phonemoji by Ting sticker pack. We’d love to hear your ideas for what you’d like to see added, too – share them in the comments below.


Phonemoji by Ting