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Students get a $100 back-to-school discount when they join Ting Mobile

Student phone plan Student sitting under a tree using her phone

Remember when a cell phone was an opulent luxury and anyone under the age of 20 with one was totally a spoiled rich kid? Yeah…us either. *Shifty eyes while trying to blend in with our fellow young folk.*

student phone plan steve buscemi fellow kids meme

Anyway, that era (which, to be clear, we’re way too young to have witnessed) is long gone and mobile phones are considered essential by all age groups. This is especially true for students. Between collaborating with other students, getting important notifications and being able to access school portals and school-related apps on the go, every student needs a capable smartphone with a reliable student phone plan.

Of course, another aspect of being a student is not having a ton of cash to throw around. With that in mind, we’ve put together a special offer just for students. Any college student that signs up with Ting Mobile through this offer will get $10 off their monthly bill for 10 months!

While there’s no doubt that extra $100 in your pocket is going to be a big help through the school year, that’s not the only reason you should join Ting Mobile. In fact, the main reason you should join Ting Mobile is that it’s the perfect mobile service provider for students. At Ting you only pay for what you use with no prepayment. So, since whether at home or on campus you’re always on Wi-Fi and using data apps like WhatsApp to stay in touch, you can expect some crazy-low bills with this student phone plan. And unlike other low-cost providers, you won’t sacrifice service quality. We’re on three of the four nationwide networks, so coverage will be excellent wherever you are. Plus we have some of the highest-rated customer support in the country. We’ll never lock you into a contract or plan, so you can switch anytime you want. Chances are, though, you’ll stick with us like most of our customers. After all, it’s hard to go back to paying way too much for good cell phone service. 

Like everything else at Ting Mobile, it’s super easy for new subscribers to claim this great deal on a student phone plan. Simply confirm your status as an enrolled college or high school student, sign up with Ting Mobile and you’ll be good to go! Ready to discover why Ting is one of the best phone plans for college students? Check out the deal here.