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Ting: The best business mobile plan
(if we do say so ourselves)

Today we’re taking the wraps off the Ting for business pages to explain the benefits of Ting and mobile that makes sense for businesses big and small.

When we first launched Ting, we knew it would be an ideal service for businesses. When we started talking about redesigning the Ting account control panel, much of the discussion for how it should work focussed on plans with multiple devices under management. Going beyond just family use and thinking about what happens when accounts have 10, 20, even 100 devices sharing pooled usage. With the new control panel available to use now, we’re redoubling our efforts to demonstrate that Ting can be the perfect choice for business mobile. We explain in more depth in our Ting for business pages.

In addition to the Ting for business pages, we also created a total cost of ownership (TCO) calculator spreadsheet that lays out just how much money a business could save by moving to Ting for mobile service. After all, if there’s one thing businesses love it’s a good spreadsheet… to say nothing of a killer ROI. This TCO Worksheet lets would-be business switchers run all the numbers, including having multiple partners or employees each with their own device, and expensing their own monthly wireless bills. The TCO worksheet factors Ting device purchases in to the equation to demonstrate that purchasing outright as opposed to getting deep discounted subsidized devices and back-loaded contracts is the better way to go.

Ting for business video

A perfect business mobile plan

Aside from an online account control panel that scales effortlessly whether you have one or 100 devices on a Ting account, many of the benefits families are already realizing from Ting also scale nicely to businesses: Shared usage between an unlimited number of devices, granular device-level control, incredibly reasonable rates for minutes, messages and megabytes of data. No limits and no wasteful bundles or unlimited plans. No overages or penalties. Rates that get better the more you use. You’ve probably heard the spiel.

Forward-thinking businesses are already experiencing Ting’s benefits. For them, the new control panel is a natural evolution and the business-specific points we make on the Ting for business pages are already being realized each month.

Business users still pick from the same buckets of minutes, messages and megabytes. We’re not changing the Ting model. Rather, we’re laying clear specifically how the Ting model makes fiscal sense for businesses.