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Ting Tip: Go from keyboard to trackpad with 3D Touch text selection

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Turn your keyboard into a trackpad for precision 3D Touch text selection

Navigating and highlighting teeny tiny iPhone text can be, even at the best of times, a struggle. Struggle no more with this helpful 3D Touch feature for iPhone 6S and up: 3D Touch text selection.

The next time you’re word processing and need to navigate to or highlight a piece of text, follow this tip for a seamless text selection experience. 3D Touch text selection is handy for texting, messaging, sending emails as well as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and more.

Step 1

Open your word processing or messaging app of choice.

3D Touch

Step 2

Tap and hold down anywhere on the keypad. A cursor will appear.

3D Touch

Step 3

Drag the cursor to specific place.

3D Touch

Step 4

Press down deeper to highlight and select text.

3D Touch