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Make a call through Hangouts for free on Android

Use Wi-Fi to make a call through Hangouts

If you’re connected to Wi-Fi, you don’t need to use your voice minutes to place a call through Hangouts to the United States or Canada.

Google Hangouts is an app for texting, calling and video chatting on your mobile device. It also lets you place phone calls over the Internet, instead of your voice network. If you’re on Wi-Fi you won’t be using your mobile data either, meaning you can talk for as long as you want at no cost whatsoever!

The latest Hangouts 4.0 update brings caller ID to your outbound calls too. No longer will you show up as “Unknown” – your friends and family now see your Ting number when you call!

If you have a Google Voice account you can also receive calls through Hangouts, text through the app and more.

Follow along with the GIFs below and start saving even more on your monthly bill.

Use an iPhone? We have a step-by-step article on how to make a call through Hangouts with iPhone as well.

call through Hangouts

Step 1

Install the Hangouts Dialer, which adds a third section to the Hangouts app.

call through Hangouts

Step 2

Open Hangouts and tap the keypad icon in the top right. Make sure you’re on Wi-Fi, enter the phone number you want to call, and tap the phone icon below.

call through Hangouts

Want a more in-depth look at Hangouts? We covered it as a Ting App of the Week – check out the video below!

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