Update Google Play apps over Wi-Fi only

By Jesse Simms


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Set Google Play to only update apps over Wi-Fi

Google Play automatically updates your apps to provide a smooth, uninterrupted smartphone experience.

If you haven’t yet changed Google Play’s auto-update setting to Wi-Fi only, your device will download these app updates any time you’re connected to the internet, including over a mobile network. The file size of these app releases can sometimes be large, resulting in tons of unnecessary mobile data usage if you’re not careful.

While instant updates are a useful Android feature, they’re not typically crucial and can wait till you’ve reached a Wi-Fi covered zone like home or work.

Follow today’s two-step Ting tip to help save your mobile data for more important matters.

Step 1

Open Google’s Play Store, tap the menu button in the top left and select Settings.

Step 2

Under General, tap Auto-update apps, enable Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only and you’re done!

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