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Minimize mobile data usage in the Netflix app

If you’re planning on streaming Netflix over a cellular data connection, make to take advantage of the video quality settings inside the Netflix app.

Streaming video over a mobile data connection will use a considerable amount of data, even for just a 30 minute show. Fortunately, Netflix has added cellular data controls to its Android and iOS apps, letting you choose between a variety of video quality settings. According to Netflix, selecting the “Low” setting for 30 minutes of video will use approximately 125 megabytes of data (~4 MB a minute).

Keep in mind that Netflix now allows TV shows and movies to be downloaded for offline use, so with a bit of forethought you can watch all the content you want without spending a cent on mobile data.

Simple instructions are listed below.

Android and iOS

Open the netflixNetflix app , tap the menuiconMenu button in the top left corner, then scroll down and tap App Settings. Tap Cellular Data Usage and select your desired video quality.

netflixcellulardataAndroid netflixcellulardataiOS

If you want to ensure that Netflix never accidentally streams over cellular data, choosing “Off” will keep you safe and sound.



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Android or iOS?

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