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Back up Google Photos over Wi-Fi only


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Back up photos and videos on Wi-Fi

Google Photos is available on Android and iOS and includes an Auto Backup tool that lets you save all your photos and videos privately in the cloud. Even if you upgrade or (heaven forbid) lose your phone, your pictures and videos will be safe and sound, ready to move to your new device. All your media is backed up and available at, accessible with your Google Account login. Even the Google Assistant moments your phone creates for you are safe and secure.

If you’re not careful though, this handy backup feature could ding you on mobile data. Avoid this possibility by choosing to perform backups “Over Wi-Fi only” as opposed to when connected to the mobile network.

First time opening Google Photos? You’ll be asked to select your uploading preferences upon startup.


Step 1

Open Photos and tap Settings. On iOS, open Google+, the Settings menu and tap “Camera and Photos.”


Step 2

Tap “Auto Backup”, scroll down to Backup Settings and tap “Back up photos.”


Step 3

Enable “Over Wi-Fi only” and you’re done!


First time using Google Photos?

If you’ve never opened Photos on an Android device or if it’s your first time installing Google Photos on iOS, you’ll be prompted with Auto Backup right from the get-go.

Just switch the selection to “Over Wi-Fi only.”


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Android or iOS?

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