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Four lesser known features Apple isn’t talking about in iOS 10

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That smell in the air is the scent of an iOS refresh highlighting the coming fall season. For iPhone and iPad users this means a load of new features to look forward to.

Rather than going over the obvious: the newly redesigned home-screen, control center, Maps and Music player. Here are a few of the lesser known, but still handy, features found in iOS 10.

1. Messages’ image search

Apple’s really overhauled its Messages app this year. Stickers, visual effects and an App Store are some of the highlights. However, there’s also the little-talked about built-in image search. Looking for a reaction GIF has never been easier.

To use this feature, tap the App Store icon in the new Messages bar. Swipe right to the #images pane and search away.



2. Compress photos in Messages to save data

Speaking of the new Messages app, we all like to send images to one another, right? Problem is as phone cameras get better, file sizes for the photos we’re taking are ballooning as well. Meaning, when you’re sending someone a photo over Messages, you’re sending quite a bit of data.

Thankfully, iOS 10 will let you reduce an image’s quality to help conserve bandwidth.

To do so, go to Settings > Messages and look for Low Quality Image Mode (it’s at the bottom of this menu). Turning this on will reduce the quality of sent images.


3. Avoid Tolls and Highways in Apple Maps

“Apple Maps!?” you say, “Who uses that?” Turns out a lot of people do. iOS 10 does a lot to improve maps experience, including a complete visual redesign and the inclusion of third-party extensions from vendors like Uber and OpenTable.

However, one new addition that we’ve been hoping for is an option to avoid Tolls. And wouldn’t you know it, Apple finally delivered.

Heading to Settings > Maps > Driving & Navigation will allow you to avoid not only Tolls, but also Highways. It’s a touch silly (read: inconvenient) that this option isn’t available in the Maps app itself – but hey, progress is progress.



4. iOS 10’s keyboards now suggests emoji

A large focus of iOS 10 is machine learning – your phone’s ability to interpret what you want to do or say before you do or say it. It’s been doing this for a while now actually. Like keyboard auto-suggestions introduced in iOS 8.

iOS 10 has gone a step further. For instance, typing “Here’s my address” in Messages will bring up your address in the suggestion bar. Mind you, you need to have your address saved to either your iCloud account or contact information. iOS 10 doesn’t know where you live by default.

More amusingly, typing “pizza,” will prompt an auto-suggestion of the pizza emoji.

Mind you, iOS 10 also includes a feature that lets you convert keywords in an outgoing text into emoji with just one tap. Apple’s doubling down on this fad, I guess.

One thing to note, in our testing we found that emoji suggestions only come up for those who actively use emojis.


Bonus tip:

5. Searching with Emoji

Technically this trick was discovered in iOS 9, but it’s neat, so we’re going to include it anyways.

Swipe left on your home-screen (you can do that now) and enter, say, the Hot Dog emoji in the search field. iOS will search for nearby Hot Dog-based points of interest. And it doesn’t stop there: Beer gets you bars, Pizza gets you something in 40 minutes or its free, and the poop emoji will find a local restroom (should you need one after all the pizza and beer).

The future has truly arrived.


iOS 10 has a lot of cool features. Here’s Apple’s snazzy product video that demonstrates some of them.